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A close up a water fall; Athabasca Falls; Jasper National Park; Canadian Rockies

What Makes Us Different?!

Zuc'min (Zúc'mn) in Nle?kepmxcin means Red Ochre.

The people painted their faces with ochre to protect themselves before entering the mountains.


Zuc'min Guiding is an independent, professional Indigenous adventure tourism company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and camping, with an Indigenous and educational focus.​

We also provide professional services like risk management consultation, professional development training and courses on Indigenous Knowledge to companies and organizations.​

As a proud member of the Indigenous Tourism community, we embolden you to try other Indigenous experiences in British Columbia, Alberta and throughout Canada!


To provide safe, creditable and enjoyable Indigenous experiences, practices and knowledge while maintaining the highest standards.


Our practices of leaving no trace, sourcing environmental resources and partnering with ethical companies. Along with being committed to educating, advocating, and advancing the health of our lands, mountains, ice, snowpacks and water. 


We built Zuc'min off the value of a relationship. The significance of building and maintaining quality relations with all aspects of our daily experience is rooted in our culture. Recognizing how we relate to our families, narratives, experiences, and mountains provides a solid base for knowledge. Therefore, we are committed to promoting and advancing our Indigenous knowledge, experience, practices, narratives and culture. 


  • To our guests - we assure you that their guides are well trained and follow Association of Canadian Mountain Guides standards and guidelines.

  • To our partners - you can be confident in our cultural practices and Indigenous knowledge because we continue to work and advance our cultures.

  • To our communities - be secure in our intentions as we encourage, support, and mentor Indigenous people to gain the professional skills, experience, and certifications to become guides. 

  • To our guides - we are committed to a safe, inclusive, diverse and supportive workplace which values all individuals, families and communities. 


We invite you to experience the land, and narratives to build your own sense of place by spend time in mountains with us!

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