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Zucmin Guiding is an independent professional Indigenous adventure tourism company. Our practices are exclusively in advancing Indigenous knowledge through hiking and education of both the public and fellow tour operators.
​As a proud member of the Indigenous Tourism community, we embolden you to try other Indigenous experiences in British Columbia, Alberta and throughout Canada!

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In the Nle?kepmxcin language, Zuc'min means Red Ochre.​
The people painted their faces with ochre to protect themselves before entering the mountains.


Owner / Guide


Tim Patterson was born Morris Coutlee who is a member of the Lower Nicola Indian Band that belongs to the Scw̓éxmx (“People of the Creeks”) a branch of the Nlaka'pamux (Thompson) Nation of the Interior Salish speaking peoples of British Columbia Canada. Tim grew up in Revelstoke within the Sn-səlxcin (Sinixt-Lakes) territory and continues to hike and guide around the West Kootenay’s. Tim has been an outdoor professional for over 15 years and has hiked and explored both the western parts of Canada and the United States for over 30 years. Tim is a recognized Indigenous Interpretive Guide and Educator, teaching Indigenous knowledge; culture; and practices. Zuc'min Guiding was developed through the combining of his Academic, Indigenous and guiding backgrounds where he focused on Indigenous Knowledge. Tim's favorite things to do when not in the mountains are listening to jazz, running, reading, and traveling.


  • ACMG Hiking Guide with winter accreditation

  • 80 hr. Wilderness First Responder.

  • MA in Environmental Education.

  • More than 30 years of Indigenous Knowledge on the land. 

  • More than  years experience with Indigenous relations, Indigenous content and Indigenous Knowledge.

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hiking lines graphic Zuc'min

Experience the Difference
With Our Guides

Our Guides are professionally certified and operate within the certification and terrain guidelines of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and Interpretive Guides Association. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in working in mountainous terrain and in all weather conditions. They are skilled to effectively communicate with all and have a calmness, awareness, and humour to ensure you have a great experience during your time with Zuc'min Guiding. 

Our Educators have a strong knowledge of both academic and Indigenous systems specifically in Indigenous Knowledge, Indigenous Narratives and Indigenous Guiding and are able to work in secondary and post secondary institutions to share their practice. 

hiking lines graphic Zuc'min
hiking lines graphic Zuc'min
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To provide safe and enjoyable Indigenous experiences, practices and knowledge while maintaining the highest standards.


Our practice of leaving no trace, sourcing environmental resources and partnering with ethical companies along with being committed to educating, advocating, and advancing the health of our lands, mountains, ice, snowpacks and water.


To our guests - we assure you that our guides are well trained and follow Association of Canadian Mountain Guides standards and guidelines.
To our partners - you can be confident in our cultural practices and Indigenous knowledge because we continue to work and advance our cultures.
To our communities - be secure in our intentions as we encourage, support, and mentor Indigenous people to gain the professional skills, experience, and certifications to become guides.

To our guides - we are committed to a safe, inclusive, diverse and supportive workplace which values all individuals, families and communities.


We built Zuc'min Guiding on the value of relationships. The significance of building and maintaining quality relations with all aspects of our daily experience is rooted in our culture. Recognizing how we relate to our families, narratives, experiences, and mountains provides a solid base for knowledge. Therefore, we are committed to promoting and advancing our Indigenous knowledge, experience, practices, narratives and culture.


We invite you to experience the land, and narratives to build your own sense of place by spend time in mountains with us!

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"Carrying the wisdom of his indigenous ancestors"

"Tim Patterson, is an amazing certified mountain guide carrying the wisdom of his indigenous ancestors, his understanding of the natural systems of Mother Gaia as well as his bona fides in cultural anthropology. I recently spent an early fall day hiking with Tim on the Cascade Amphitheater Trail. When my travel advisor, a certified mountain guide herself, suggested I add a guided hike while in Banff National Park, I didn’t hesitate. And I was rewarded with the best day of my 15-day holiday."


"As a professional guide, Tim is par none, well-prepared, safety oriented (we were hiking in bear, moose and elk territory) and carrying an in-depth knowledge of the montane region of the boreal forest we were hiking in. More importantly to me, as a steward of Mother Gaia myself, is the indigenous wisdom he shared with me about the land, environment and its peoples. We spoke of so many aspects of our cultures and our relationship with Mother Gaia. And through these discussions, while walking in my favorite space, I found the windows to his and my souls as we traversed the “Church of Trees”.



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