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A group looking down at a guide explaining wildflowers; Zucmin Guiding; Banff National Park; Canadian Rockies

Educational Services

Our educators and guides focus on providing a well-rounded set of educational experiences. Join us today and experience mountains differently! 

Cultural Knowledge of Plants

Harvesting wild plants for food and medicine is a growing activity. This is often associated with Indigenous knowledge. For many of our Indigenous communities, we have mixed feelings about talking about how to harvest wild plants. This course will assist you in understanding this hesitation and introduce you to the cultural knowledge of plants.




Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace training consists of a three- tiered course structure. The five-day Master Educator Course is the most advanced training, followed by the two-day Trainer Course, and then the one-day Awareness Workshop. These courses are designed to educate participants about the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace and the minimum impact skills and ethics associated with each Principle.


Mountain Weather

Outdoor activities are extremely weather dependent, specifically if you are hiking, camping or moving through mountainous environments.  This full day mountain weather course will assist you in basic mountain weather knowledge from common mountain weather to identification of hazardous weather.



Land Base Learning for your Class

Typically land-based learning has occurred within the family and community using knowledge holders of the specific activity one wants to learn. Knowledge holders not only pass on specific skills but the importance of not just learning but continuing the knowledge. Our instruction focuses on the mountains and the skills necessary in working and being in the mountains.


We are honoured to be educational partners with Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy in Banff, Alberta, where our educators and guides instruct the Indigenous Relations Program. 

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