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Professionally Certified

Our guides are certified and operate within the certification and terrain guidelines of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and Interpretive Guides Association.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Knowledgeable and experienced in working in mountainous terrain and in all weather conditions. Able to work with and effectively communicate with all skills and abilities. All have a calmness, awareness, and humour to ensure you have a great experience.

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hiking lines graphic Zuc'min
hiking lines graphic Zuc'min
hiking lines graphic Zuc'min
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Enjoy a stress free 8 hrs hiking in the mountains. Explore one of the mountain parks in British Columbia or Alberta. Your trip will be customized based on your skills, time, and where you would like to explore?!

Possible Locations

Yoho, Kootenay, Glacier, Mt. Revelstoke
Group size -Min 3 / Max 8

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Are you tired of crowded trails? Come on one of our backpacking trips. You can customize your trip to be an on-trail trip like the Iceline Trail in Yoho or an off-trail trip in British Columbia. 

Possible Locations

British Columbia, Alberta or another location in Canada.
Group size -Min 4 / Max 6

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Enjoy a stress free 4 hrs hiking in the mountains. Explore one of the mountain parks in British Columbia or Alberta. Your trip will be customized based on your skills, time, and where you would like to explore?!

Possible Locations

Yoho, Glacier, Mt. Revelstoke
Group size -Min 4 / Max 10

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Enjoy a stress-free 4 hrs snowshoeing in the mountains. Explore one of the mountain parks in British Columbia or Alberta. Your trip will be customized based on your skills, time, and where you would like to explore.

Possible Locations

Kananaskis ​
Group size -Min 4 / Max 10

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We are extremely honoured to be able to guide on the Athabasca Glacier with - ICEWALKS.

Icewalks Logo


We are extremely honoured to be able to guide on the Athabasca Glacier with the IceWalks.

Indigenous Led Glacier Tour with Athabasca IceWalks
Zuc’min Guiding is thrilled to be partnering with Athabasca Glacier IceWalks to provide guests with an Indigenous learning opportunity.

Guests will learn about the historical and current significance of the Columbia Icefield region through an Indigenous lens. Though no single Indigenous group was settled in the region, the mountain passes were used by several Nations for trading, both pre and post-European contact. From an ecological perspective, the Athabasca Glacier plays a critical hydrological role, supporting ecosystems and communities across North America. This walk will promote an understanding and appreciation of the importance of this water resource, today and into the future.  

Dates:  July 11, 17. 23. 26, 28 Aug 1, 7, 13, 19

Time: Departs at 9:30 AM and 1:45 PM on the dates above.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours.

Hike Profile: Hike is roughly 5 km (3 mi) round trip, gaining 200 m (650 ft) of elevation.

Adult Price: $158.00 CDN, plus 5% GST.

Child Price: $96.40 CDN, plus 5% GST. Must be 7-16 years of age.


We are immensely excited to provide summer alpine trips with - SORCERER LODGE.  


Alpine Wildflowers. High peaks. Adventures outside.  

Sorcerer Lodge offers guided and catered hiking trips in the Selkirk mountains. Join us for beautiful alpine lakes, great food, and stunning views.

Sorcerer Lodge Logo

You will be hiking out of the beautiful Sorcerer Lodge located in the subalpine near Mt Iconoclast at the headwaters of Ventego Creek in the Selkirk Mountains, the lodge includes everything our guests expect from a modern yet rustic cabin in the mountains.


Amenities include:

•    Sink in each room.

•    A hot shower

•    Lodge sauna

•    Wood-burning fireplace

•    Heated out-houses.

•    Fully equipped kitchen with a chef

•    Electric outlets for all your gadgets

•    Two sleeping cabins and three yurts comfortably accommodate up to 14 guests.


Sorcerer Lodge is helicopter access only. We stage from Rogers Pusher Station Road, just off the Trans-Canada Highway, 53 km west of Golden, BC.  We recommend that folks planning to visit arrive a day ahead of time and do not book airline flights for the day you fly out of the lodge as weather and road conditions can make timing unpredictable. Road closures are frequent on both Rogers Pass and the Kicking Horse Pass into Golden and some flexibility makes your holiday more relaxed!

Duration: 4 - 5 days


3- Night Trips: $1,800 per person. 

4-Night Trips: $2,050 per person. 

7-Night Trips: $2,900 per person

Prices include helicopter transfers to and from the lodge, ACMG certified guides and all meals.


We are thrilled to be partnered with another great Indigenous operator - GIRTH HITCH GUIDING.


Girth Hitch & Zuc’min Guiding have partnered to bring you this unique indigenous experience.

This adventure  will empower you on a journey towards a greater connection with Indigenous perspectives. You will come away feeling more connected to the land and Indigenous ways of seeing  our mountainous landscape. Our guides create a safe environment bringing together Western, Indigenous and Guiding knowledge to help you understand Indigenous mountain knowledge.


  • Wear hiking clothing and layers (prepare for all types of weather)


  • Please arrive with lunch, water, a full tank of gas, and be ready to adventure 

  • Come with openness and questions

Experience: Basic hiking skills in hills & mountains

Duration: 4 hours

Location: Nordegg, & Lake Abraham, Alberta

Offered: May 2 // June 1, 2 // July 13, 14 // Aug 10, 11

Departure Times: 8 am & 1 pm

Ages: 8  & up (Minors accompanied by adult)

Fitness Level: Reasonable fitness (ability to climb a ladder, go for a short run or hike)

Group Size: 4 – 12

Pricing: $149 per person (Min 4 – Max 8) All prices in Canadian Dollars

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Experience the Difference With Our Guides


Learn more about the people and the purpose behind Zuc'min Guiding. 

Our Guiding Partners

Athabasca IceWalks

Jasper Alberta; since 2020. We have developed the Indigenous icewalk called Big Ice and expanded a number of offerings from 4 in 2021, to 8 in 2022, to 12 in 2023.

Heather Mountain Lodge

Golden British Columbia; since 2020. We do summer hikes for their guest, conducting more than 8 hikes each year.

Sorcerer Lodge

Golden British Columbia. Since 2023. We do summer hikes for their guests conducting more than 15 hikes in summer 2023.

Girth Hitch Guiding

Nordegg Alberta; beginning this summer. Zucmin & Girth Hitch will partner to develop a Land Based Learning hike 

Banff Centre

Banff Alberta; since 2022. We do hikes for conference guests when requested conducting 2 hikes with more than 25 participants in each hike.

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Mountain weather is unforeseeable for all seasons and is a profoundly dynamic factor that shapes the decisions we make before and during our trips. It's not practical for us to refund every situation where our guests do not get the weather conditions they hope for. We make every effort to develop and provide alternative plans. If you have a specific objective in mind, we cannot guarantee that the conditions, weather, or availability of trails will allow an attempt of that objective. We will endeavour to provide the best experience with the conditions we face at the time.


Getting into the mountains of British Columbia and Alberta is not always the most accessible for people with physical, mental, or social challenges. Zuc'min Guiding endeavours to assist people with accessibility issues to realize their dreams of experiencing the wonders of our mountainous areas. Zuc'min Guiding is proudly partnered with Open Mountains in Revelstoke, British Columbia that allows everyone in the community to participate in mountain sports, currently focusing on 2SLGBTQ+ and BIPOC programs. Please contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs either by the right trail choice and/or increasing our guide numbers to ensure safety and enjoyment.


Non-refundable inside of 4 weeks. 50% refundable 4-10 weeks. 10+ weeks – refund less a non-refundable booking fee of $100 per space booked.  All cancellation requests need to be received via email to

In the event that Zuc'min Guiding cancels a trip, your full payment will immediately be refunded.  
No refunds for bad weather or acts of force majeure.  

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Our mountain tours and outdoor adventures are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in our country's stunning natural beauty.

Canada offers a plethora of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore its diverse landscapes, from majestic mountains to lush forests and pristine lakes.

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