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Zuc'min Guiding recognizes the expansive variance in Indigenous Knowledge systems, their definitions, their protocols, and interpretations among Indigenous nations, communities and family groups.

Accordingly, Zuc'min Guiding endeavours to work with guides and educators who hold the cumulative experiences, dynamic practices, historical understanding and transponsive narratives required to advance their respective nations knowledge.

Zuc'min Guiding was born out of bringing Indigenous, Academic and Guiding knowledges together. Our guides, and educators are keen on assisting how to work better in building relations and programs. We specialize in developing and advancing Indigenous content and promoting Indigenous Knowledge of the Mountains.

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hiking lines Zuc'min Asset
hiking lines Zuc'min Asset
hiking lines Zuc'min Asset
hiking lines Zuc'min Asset

How to Build Indigenous Relations

$350 Half Day / $650 Full Day

This workshop (full day) or presentation (half day) will assist anyone interested in developing or strengthening relations with Indigenous communities. Advancing out of awareness training, this workshop/presentation will provide culturally safe tools for you to advance your Indigenous partnerships.

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Guiding a New Path Series

 $300 flat rate

This series is specifically developed for any Guiding operations interested in Professional Development of staff. You will gain valuable skills you can use daily and launch you and your program on understanding how Indigenous Knowledge can be used in the guiding context.

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How to work with Indigenous Content

$350 Half Day / $650 Full Day

This workshop (full day) or presentation (half day) will assist anyone wanting to develop Indigenous content. You will gain critical skills on Indigenous knowledge and how it may fit within your program while developing capacity to continue your with with Indigenous knowledge systems.

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Writing on Indigenous Issues/Content

less than 800 words - $1000.

800-1500 words- $2000.

more than 1500 words - $3000

Are you looking to develop an Indigenous content or policy in your organization? Or are you looking for a unique Indigenous perspective?  We have working on many writing projects for companies and organizations looking for an Indigenous perspective. We focus on Indigenous knowledge, history and practice of mountain areas in Canada. 


Zuc'min Guiding has partnered with key organizations involved in mountains to advance and promote  Indigenous Knowledge and Indigenous Guiding. We are honoured to be involved with advancing Canadian mountain culture with Indigenous perspectives and knowledge. We look forward to more work with these and other partners in the future.   


Canadian Mountain Assessment.

Canmore Alberta.


In 2022 it was an extreme privilege to contribute to contribute to the Canadian Mountain Assessment. I worked on the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives of mountains and the importance of mountain places. We were contributing authors for the “Mountains as Homeland” and “Mountains as Gifts” chapters. 


Association of Canadian
Mountain Guides

Canmore, Alberta. 

We conducted a series of Indigenous focused workshops to their membership. 18 guides completed the workshops.

We also consulted on some Diversity and Inclusion initiatives specific to Indigenous populations. Land Acknowledgement and Indigenous policies developed.


The Alpine Club of Canada.

Canmore Alberta.

We contributed to their 2023 State of the Mountains report. Cover of the report and article on Indigenous Guiding. We will be assisting their Mountain Culture director on some Indigenous initiatives for 2024/2025.

It is a huge privilege to assist in the training and orientation of Ski Guides for a growing number of Operators in British Columbia and Alberta in our



We have partnered with Athabasca IceWalks, Great Canadian Skiing, Heather Mountain Lodge, Sorcerer Lodge, Capow Guiding and Blanket Glacier Chalet to provide educational services for their guides and operators. 


Over the last 3 years, Zuc'min Guiding has educated 140+ fellow guides in 8 guiding operations. 

Over the last 3 years,
Zuc'min Guiding has educated
140+ ski guides. 

New Path Series
New Path Series
New Path Series
New Path Series
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Tim Patterson - Owner Founder Zuc'min Guiding


Zuc'min Guiding and our guides are regularly featured in local
and national videos, publications, films and radio.

For further details please visit our Media Centre Page.

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