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Professional Development

Zucmin Guiding recognizes the expansive variance in Indigenous Knowledge systems, their definitions, their protocols, and interpretations among Indigenous nations, communities and family groups. Accordingly, Zucmin Guiding endeavours to work with guides and educators who hold the cumulative experiences, dynamic practices, historical understandings and transponsive narratives required to advance their respective nations knowledge.

Zucmin Guiding was born out of bringing Indigenous, Academic and Guiding knowledges together. Our guides, and educators are keen on assisting in how to work better in building relations, and programs. We specialize in developing and advancing Indigenous content and promoting Indigenous Knowledge of the Mountains.

How to Build Indigenous Relations

Target Audience: Any group working with Indigenous peoples. Specialize in Guiding Companies

The elements of this workshop began as part of an Aboriginal Awareness presentation and has been advanced by cultural safety concepts and how Indigenous narratives, experiences and practices can become tools to link community with projects.


Professional Development Partners

Canadian Mountain Assessment; CMA; Logo;

In 2022 it was an extreme privilege to contribute to contribute to the Canadian Mountain Assessment. I worked on the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives of mountains and the importance of mountain places for the Canadian Mountain Assessment.    

I have been extremely proud to assist the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides in 2021 and again  2022 in advancing the skills of our fellow guides by teaching the elements of Indigenous guiding.

Assocition of Canadian Mountain Guides; ACMG; Logo; Association canadienne des guides de montagne

I have been profoundly honoured to contribute to the 2023 State of the Mountains report with Indigenous Guiding today.

It is a huge privilege to assist in the training and orientation of Ski Guides for a growing number of Operators in British Columbia and Alberta in our "Guiding a New Path Series".   
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